This is Unnur Balla

I was born on a little island in the middle of the North Atlantic. Shortly thereafter my parents gave me the name Unnur Erna Ólafsdóttir. A name which not even my own grandmother could pronounce. The main reason being she was German and my name is Icelandic, like me. 
It's not easy growing up in a world where most people can't pronounce your name. Thankfully I met and married a wonderful man from Yorkshire, England, who can pronounce my name perfectly. Not only can he pronounce my name, but he also gave me a name the world can pronounce.
We now have one little cookie monster and another one on the way. Woohoo for mommy times. Due to this I don't blog half as often as I want to. I walk around all day blogging in my head when there is no one grown up around to talk to. My little boy is a dream and a half and makes me laugh all the time, so does my man. We are very much looking forward to welcoming cookie monster number two into our family in May 2015.
I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom, but I also have this thing where I love working! So I decided to do both by working from home as a Younique Independent Presenter. I love my job, especially because it allows me to share a high quality product I am so in love with while spending my time at home with my wonderful husband and baby cakes. I would totally recommend it to anyone and everyone! and by it I mean the Younique 3D fiber lash mascara  and being a presenter working from the comfort of your own home or on the go through your phone. It is really a dream come true for me :) Thank you Younique!


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I am a French journalist and i want to write a short story about the second hand shop "fatamarkadurinn" on our magazine "Viso". I need a picture of the shop. Are you agree to give me the picture that you show on your website please?