As a Social Work student and a human being I am very interested in charities and charity work. It has become my Birthday tradition to invite anyone and everyone to give me a present by supporting a charity or doing something good in their own environment. 
For the past few years I have been blessed to see my family and friends donate to several different charities. A goat given to a family in need, a donation made to a women's shelter, a year of education given to a child etc.
There are a lot of charity organizations who offer a different way of giving. For example Sevenly, where you can support a new charity every week by buying their T-Shirts.
I also LOVE doing Charity or Fundraiser mascara parties where I am more than willing to donate my commission to a good cause chosen by the party host/hostess. If you have a charity or a fundraiser contact me for more info:

If you have a favorite charity and would like to see it on this list please send me a link on

Here are some of my (and readers) favorite charities.

1. Sevenly (World Wide/Variety)
2. RedBubble (UK/Variety)
3. Stígamót (Iceland/Sexually abused women)
4. Wateraid (World Wide/Clean water)
5. GEMS (US/Human Trafficking)
6. CharityBirthday (US/Variety/Give your Birthday)

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