Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sometimes small spaces hold the biggest secrets

What an interesting thing this life is.
Sometimes I just don't know, things somehow never turn out the way I imagined. I have an attraction wall, you know, one of those walls where you put up pictures and quotes that describe the life you want. A picture of the temple, my zebra, a Jane Austen quote, a drawing of me running a marathon with the weight I want to be written on it, the order in which I place the importance of different ways one can express love, a picture of flowers, a photo of my family, pictures of the savior, CTR, a faded note that says "what a great day!", a printout of a painting of a man and a woman sitting on the grass and surrounded by wild flowers, the man is playing an instrument and the woman has some flowers sitting on her lap, they are barely touching but still looking at each other. I wonder why I have such a problem with touching guys....actually, I know why, but why I haven't completely gotten over the reason why I don't know. I also have pictures of my friends, a picture of a stack of money, a sound of music picture, not because I love the movie, but because I love music, I want music in my life. So there you have it, but it is still not all the way finished. It is missing a picture of a ring, I took it down because I felt like it was kinda making me look crazy, I was gonna keep it in case I wanted to put it back up later, at a more appropriate time, but I lost it. Just as well I guess, Its gonna work out somehow but I am nowhere near desperate, I still have my undergrad and my masters to finish, I am only 23 and I still have to ..... actually, I don't have anything stopping me except the lack of man and love. But I am not in a hurry is all I am saying.

Yeah, wild flowers and a noble zebra, or nemo, either way, makes very little difference, just as long as they are part of my future.
But like I said I am not desperate to get married anytime soon, I am dying for a good kiss or even a make-out session though.
Unnur aka. Snow White.

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