Monday, October 6, 2008

The Icelandic recession, not yet a depression...

according to my roomie Maliana, it's not a depression unless people are jumping out of windows....but seriously though, jumping out of windows in Iceland wont do very much harm....most people cannot get into a building high enough to do any sort of damage if they then jumped out of a window. I guess we will never have a real depression!

viva la recession...and non spidermanic surroundings.

ps. still havent heard anything more about the gas shortage...just that banks are trying to come up with life saving plans here and abroad, and the weather isn't getting any better.


unnurwear said...

pps/pss. we are still happy and hopeful! as we always have been and hopefully always will be!

Maliana said...

I should teach an economics class the money is fixed!