Wednesday, May 27, 2009


ok, so last night I was hanging out at church with Maliana and Guðrún and people, and I must have said "thats going on my blog" about ten times... but now I can't remember what exactly was supposed to go in my blog.

The following are events I remember that are blog worthy... or close to being blog worthy anyways....

So I went tanning after work and then I took the bus to church, and on the bus this guy kept looking over, and I was smiling before I ever saw him cuz I was just genuinely happy, so I don't know if he thought I was smiling at him, but he kept looking over and so did his friends.... it would have been creepy if it had been dark outside and if I wouldn't have been so freakin' happy! but because it was sunny and I was happy it was rather entertaining. So anyways, I get off the bus and dude is looking over so I flash him a big smile and then get on with my life while he sits on the bus thinking to himself "I should have totally gotten that girls number, she was freakin' hot!" and I don't care, honestly, who does he think I am! But it made me smile even more.

Got to church and all was great! talked to the girlies in YW and Sylvía and got super excited for the temple trip this summer :D

Sometime during institute and in the minutes following institute my happiness level dropped drastically! and even though I tried to keep smiling I wasn't feeling all to giddy.

So anyways, after everyone left and it was just me, Maliana and Guðrún waiting for the bus I started voicing my feeling on the chaotic state of life, maliana, eating a tootsy pop, tells me to "CALM DOWN" and I say "yeah, suck on your lolly pop will you" to which she replies "bla bla bla something about my loolypop" and I am all "just stick it in your face please" and as I am saying it I think to myself, wow that was a bit over the line on my part! and as I am thinking that both Guðrún and Maliana start laughing, maliana pretend hits me, and they both agree that I am funny when I am irritated, to which I had no reply, because I don't like being mean. I tend to be mean when I am irritated and I guess I am funny when I am mean.... or something.

Anyways, I stay pissed for a while as we walk towards the bus stop and all of a sudden Maliana is freaking out!! in a good way! she starts singing made up Pollyana songs and ends up just singing "pollyana, pollyana, pollyana!!" and I start yelling at her to shut her face and postitive attitute! but then it rubbed off on me and by the time we got home on the bus we were both singin "pollyana, pollyana, pollyana!!" and laughing our heads off.

So then we got home and since Maliana is my shrink I told her my life story and about how my plan about not caring what others think of me is not working out and then I realized the last time I acted like an idiot and didn't care what people thought was totally not a plan! it was just me, acting on a feeling I had, being sp_nt_n_s (fill in the correct letters and I am sure it will end up as a word with some sort of relevance to what I am trying to say).

So here is the plan... there is no plan! just do whatever, say whatever, follow your bliss!



MiriamR said...

ha ha your funny. I want to go tanning so I can feel happy. The sun is out here but I am still not getting a tan. How are your plans working out now?

Kimberly Gochnour said...

I can totally see all of that happening!