Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life is just so terribly cute!

I just watched a wonderfully weird and lovely movie called The Wristcutters: A Love Story (just so you know, if you want to watch the movie then don't read this blog, its gonna be a total spoiler!). It started with a guy offing himself because of an ex, just to find out the afterlife is just like life, but worse! he ends up in this place where everyone goes who killed themselves, but they live life like real life, except its a lot trashier and no one has a sense of humor or is able to smile. He finds out that his ex girlfriend also killed herself a month after he did, and so he goes looking for her with a friend, they run into some interesting characters along the way, and this girl joins their group. She is looking for the people in charge because she believes she is not supposed to be there since she did not kill herself. Anyways, they fall in love! and there is this whole scene about how they are not able to smile, and how they are not able to be really happy or fun. It sort of bothered me throughout the movie that no one ever smiled! they were content, even happy at times, and fell in love, but they never smiled and it made it all so surreal and weird! In the end they both get back to real life, im not gonna get into the details on how that happened, but they end up alive again.. and the final scene is just them smiling at each other across a room, it was the cutest thing I ever saw! its so beautiful to be able to smile! to fall in love and be happy and smile. I vow to smile at strangers, friends and family from now on! as if it were the last day to smile! I am going to give it my best smile!! it makes me happy... like giving someone a gift... :D

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