Wednesday, November 25, 2009

These girls are way to young!

I am supposed to be studying. Just took a short break and checked out my facebook (I hate facebook! it is one of the more apparent evils in this over globalized world we live in... I also hate globalization... and love it... for different reasons). Anyways, ran into some photos of 8th graders at a school dance. I was shocked! do parents today not realize that they are making parenthood so much more difficult for future parents!
Since when is it ok for 13 and 14 year old girls to walk around wearing tiny materials that barely cover anything? They wear this to attract the opposite sex I am guessing. But, do they even know anything about the opposite sex? Should they even know anything about anything that has anything to do with sex, opposite or not? These are kids, selling their bodies for popularity. It is awful. And what am I supposed to tell my daughter who will want to look like that at age 11 because parents of the past have not had guts enough to set some sort of boundaries for their children? "no honey, I'd rather not you look like a hooker and get pregnant with some idiot boys baby at 14 thank you very nice!"
This is the product of capitalism and materialism, pushing parents away from parenthood towards the search for greater wealth. The product of insane media and the devil!

Do parents not realize what information they are giving their children simply by letting them wear clothing like that (I realize there are many contributing factors, this is the one I have chosen to highlight for this blog entry). Daughters are raised to believe their bodies determine their worth, that in order to be desirable they must wear as little as possible to show off as much as possible. Their intellect, their kindness and their personality becomes less important as it will get them nowhere in the popularity contest of teenage life. Young men grow up not respecting the young women they are surrounded by. They do not look for a virtuous young woman, a kind young woman, a young woman who builds on her individual worth. They learn to look for a young woman whose body is desirable.
From this mindset future families are formed, with lack of meaningful deep connection and respect between two grownups. Families are formed with little or no understanding about the importance of self respect, respect for others and love (rather than lust). And then these families fall apart, because they were not based on love, patience, understanding and hard work (at least not hard work where it matters: in the home and family).
Parenthood is not supposed to be easy, it is hard work. Relationships and marriages are not supposed to be easy, they are hard work. But both parenthood and relationships/marriages are worth all that hard work.
We need to learn about our individual worth, gain knowledge and be accountable for our choices. We need to do good works, have integrity and be virtuous. After we do these things for ourselves, we need to teach our sons and daughters. There are so many social problems in the world today, and many of them start in the home, because of bad parenting.
When you become a parent, you take on a responsibility, its not a game! It can be wonderful, fun, challenging and difficult, all at once. But it is your responsibility as a parent to teach your child, to set some rules, and to help a child become an individual who is neither a burden to your family nor to society, but a blessing to both!


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