Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy fake Birthday baby Jesus!

Christmas is wonderful!
My Christmas mood was missing until the early morning on December 23rd. I went to the airport with a couple of friends to pick up a friend, and something about that was so very Christmasy! for the rest of they day I went about my business singing Christmas songs and listening to Christmas songs and wishing people Merry Christmas!
That evening about 20 of us (friends from Church) went down town to sing and hand out Christmas packages (candles, pamphlets, Books of Mormon, Liahonas and more) to people. It was so much fun! we had such a big group and handed out over 400 presents (packages, pamphlets, books etc.) after which we went to the missionary couples home (the Koyles, they are so wonderful!) and had cookies and hot chocolate.
Today was pretty relaxed. Mom, dad, grandma and I ate Christmas dinner together, opened presents at mom and dads and then went to my sisters (Sóley and Kristjáns) to watch the kids open presents. they are so wonderful! all the kids gave me presents, I was sort of surprised, they were wonderful presents. Danni made me one of those shoe things to make it easier to put your shoes on without untying them, and he also made me a scarf (from him, Soley and Linda who provided the yarn and taught him to crochet or however you spell that) then Yrja sowed a little bad for me, it was the cutest thing! I loved it! and Anja gave me a ring with a green rose on it, so pretty and so my style! She also gave me a very special gift that made me cry!
A couple of weeks ago we had a tiny family Christmas party and had a gift game, dad gave his flute that I really wanted, for sentimental reasons and cuz I love instruments, and Anja ended up getting the flute. then today she gave it to me. I cried. I don't know why it mattered so much to me. maybe cuz I remember it from my childhood, I love it! it's one of those things I'd like my kids to have one day you know...
anyways, Sóley gave me the funniest gift ever! she gave me a nose-flute... yeah. you play it with your nose! so funny! I'm getting the hang of it! she also gave me a couple of other things, such a fun present!
I was broke this Christmas, so I only gave two real presents, but I have also had my eyes more open for opportunities to serve others, because of a game we are playing with the YSA. It's a service game. Hard to explain, but it has made Christmas wonderful!
Tomorrow we get to talk to Matti on skype! YAY I am so excited!
I might just post something about that.
My Christmas wish still hasn't come true a 100%.... just maybe ....20%... so please pray for it to work out!
hugs and Merry Christmas!!


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Unifer said...

Merry Christmas to you too Ashley! you are missed!

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I didn't tell you, but I love this post title. Hope your holidays were splendid!