Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So turns out I am a mess!

but what a great mess I am! wonderful! lovely! lovely! (if you did not read that first part with a fancy British accent then please go back and read it again... correctly!)

I had this dream as a child. I wanted to be a rock star! I could not understand why anyone would want to be anything other than a famous singer!!!
But then fear of the stage set in!
Now I am practicing singing, doing all sorts of fancy exercises and such... and I sing all day at work! even found myself singing and humming with a customer in the store today... progress!

I shall concur my fears!! starting with my fear of the stage and singing in public!
There is still a little person inside of me who wants to be a rock star.... and by little person I don't mean there is a dwarf living inside of me! I mean the dreams I had when I was little are still there... I still dream of becoming a famous singer!
I also literally dream (when I am sleeping) of everyone leaving when I start singing... because I suck... lets hope that never happens!


Gean Rodrigo said...

enter in my blog...Please.


Mr Snuggles said...

I have yet to meet a Briton who speaks like that.

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