Friday, January 21, 2011

And this is why...

Dear world,
we ask questions constantly... it's how we get smart... isn't it?
I figure it must be since only the ignorant seem to ask no questions and pretend to know it all.
By asking questions I have figured some stuff out (I am so smart!)... and I'd like to share it...

1. Why God made flowers
2. Why we have hands
3. Why girls wear makeup and guys don't
4. Why we grown old
5. Why I am still single

1. Why God made flowers

there are many reasons for this. First off, they are just so dang beautiful. Second, sometimes people don't know what to say to someone, or how to say it, and then they can just get flowers. Flowers say a lot without saying anything at all. Finally, God made flowers for the same reason He made Skittles, because He loves colors!

2. Why God made hands

need I say more? hands were made for gently holding and keeping loved ones safe.

3. Why girls wear makeup and guys don't

Makeup, no makeup, makes no difference, girls are pretty either way. But when guys wear makeup.... Boy George and Marilyn Manson is what happens... not so pretty...

4. Why we grow old

This one is easy. When we are little, we get to say whatever we think and do stupid fun things... then we grow up and are expected to be responsible, when really we are just as silly and crazy as we were as children. We get old so that we can say whatever we think, act like idiots and be our crazy selves again before we die.

5. Why I am still single

... and thats why....

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MiriamR said...

Lovely post! I loved the one about why we grow old and boys and makeup. Thats why I hope Daniel never dies so that when I am old he can say "honey you sound like a luni bin" and then I stop talking. Love you Unnur