Monday, April 25, 2011

Letters from easter break

Dear center of the world,
I continue to have problems saying what I mean.... sometimes I have so many conversations with you in my head that I forget I haven't actually said anything to you in real life. But then when I remember that I haven't said anything and I want to say something I forget what to say. All of a sudden all the words that sounded so good in my head just disappear, like the sun behind a dark cloud. And so, after you have left I sit there wondering why I always seem to end up getting hurt. I have given you everything I have to give. But you don't know it because I could never find the words to tell you and you don't have eyes to see.
I gave you my time, but you were too busy.
I gave you my tears, but you like your water fresh and salt free.
I gave you my heart, but your hands were already full.
I never asked you for anything back. But I hoped and wished and prayed for you to mean it when you looked at me like you wanted me, when you kissed me like I was your first, when you held me like I was your last, when you said you liked me.
I hoped and wished and prayed that you would understand that when I said I liked you too, I really meant I love you.
I hope and wish and pray. And even though you and me are just a memory those three little words are still pushing their way to the surface.... and it hurts.

Yours sincerely,
the short chubby girl

Dear God
I have no control. I used to think I could control it all. I used to think I could somehow make it go my way. I have come to realize that you are God, and not I. You are in control. So please take control of my life. I have been so difficult lately. I ask for something in my prayers before I go to bed, then in the morning when I pray before starting my day I ask for something totally different. I can't seem to make up my mind. I guess I just want to be happy but my idea of what makes me happy changes like every five minutes! It's making me seasick! So please take control. I hope that from now on I will have the self control and humility to pray for thy will to be done and then just let go and see how my prayers are answered according to Thy will... and not mine.

With reverence,
your daughter (the one who is sometimes selfish and mean to others but wants to be loving and kind and happy enough to bring happiness to others)

Dear fly in the window,
I am sorry I squashed you to death with my school books on the window sill.

With deep regret,
the University student

The following photos are from our easter vacation. My family went to a summer house in the south of Iceland. This is in a town called Kirkjub├Žjarklaustur (yeah, have fun with that one!) and my brother, my nieces and I decided to play on the swings.

p.s. I wish I had photoshop.... and iPhoto sucks!


lmt said...

hello friend.

I like how you write, and i really like those photos of your easter trip.

delii_del said...

wow. your photos are amazing. are all the photos on you rblog yours? that is amazing. i recently just bought a camera hoping to start taking wonderful pictures. but i dont think i have the talent like you.

Unifer said...

nope, most of the photos on my blog are from I recommend checking it out! I wish I were that talented! good luck with your photography! :D

delii_del said...

i checked it out. Its amazing. thank you.

Unifer said...

I am glad you enjoyed the website :D I can spend hours on there just browsing!
And thank you lmt :D HUGS!!