Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 12 and 13

Remember how I write this blog and therefore I get to make all the rules. Well, that goes for this Project 35 Dresses. So I took a couple of days off... due to a mixture of being too busy to wear a dress and craving some quality time with all my other wonderful non dress clothes. But Now I am ready to be back in business!

I overslept today and realized that when I got out of the shower I had about 5 minutes to get ready... so I got dressed in a hurry! When I have no time to pick out an outfit when I am getting ready for church I love having fancy dresses to put on. That way I look fancy and church-ready without too much effort. Dresses are lovely.

Nr. 1 was on my back when I went to church. I got it at Rokk og RĂ³sir a couple of weeks ago. It is vintage. Its an immediate favorite. Not because of comfiness but because its BEAUTIFUL!!

Nr. 2 is perfecto for after church Sabbath day relaxing times at home... I also plan on wearing it to my friends house after family dinner tonight. We are going to be making cakes... yay!! I got it while on a fun times trip to Sweden a couple of years ago. Its a size large, so its a bit... large... but its still a favorite because its super comfy!!

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