Sunday, April 29, 2012

We are the avengers!


Photos of lovely things, the kinds of photos that make me want to just walk in and live there, are my favorite. I "liked" Miss Bee's Haven on Facebook and haven't been the same since. She (I am guessing its a she who's in charge of the site) has the most magical and wonderful photo albums.

It sort of sucks when life is so peaceful that you don't have anything to say about it. My life these days, is like the photos in this post, beautiful, calm, colorful and full of wonderful details that you can't for some reason put into words.

I can tell you the following story about that time me and my family/friends went to see the Avengers:

We went to the movies last night, even though I was still sick, but because we decided to go to the super nice movie theatre I was able to just lounge and even brought a blanket. It was lovely! Anyways, thats not what I wanted to tell you guys about. What I wanted to tell you guys about were the commercials before the movie. But in order to understand the rest of the story you have to know that my sister in law is crazy! in such a good way. She will randomly start dancing and singing and doing all sorts. You might think its strange. I think its awesome! She is my hero!
Also, you must understand that my brother, her husband, is a handsome smartypants. He works at the university were he got his Bachelors last spring. And when the school decided to do an add campaign it only made sense to get the most handsome employee/former student to be one of the main models for the adds. 
Back to the movie theatre. Before the movie started there was lovely music playing and some adds/commercials were fighting for peoples attention on the big screen. Then suddenly there is my brother, not only sitting next to me, but also 10 times his size on the movie screen. Before I could really realize how awesome that was my sister in law started going "wooohooooo" at the top of her lungs and pointing at her husband, my brother, so everyone could see that the guy on the screen was actually in the movie theatre. My brother got just about as red as a tomato and sunk into his seat ever so slightly as people started laughing and yelling out "you are so &$%#$ cute!!"
I think my brother felt extremely loved at that moment! thanks to his lovely wife who knows no limits!! 

Ohh, and the movie was good too.

Check out some more photos from Miss Bee's Haven.


Maliana said...

waht a wonderful way to be embarrassed!! i love that story!

Unifer said...

haha it was really funny... well have to do it all again next time you are here!