Friday, August 31, 2012

This post is rated R, you have been warned.

Sleep? ... no, not happening so much these days. Not that I don't want to, I love sleeping! I would sleep all day if I didn't get so darn bored when I do it (I just switched da#% out for darn. Progress! I never know which "swear" words are acceptable where, so I tend to use them all everywhere, except for the ones that are obviously swear words no matter where you are). DAMN!! (dang it, my tourettes syndrome got the best of me! sorry!) 
Anyways, back to my exciting sleeping habits. Everyone wants to know how much, where, and when I sleep, I just know it!
These days I am sleeping like an old guy on cocaine.

Alright, now lets see where we stand. 
Swearing: check. 
Drug use: check. 
Now we just need some nudity in here and this post can be R rated! and its only 9:30am. Well done Unnur, one of these days you will win the noble prize!! 

I think its best for everyone if I go back to bed now.

But before I leave, here are some naked legs for all you pervs!

1 comment:

Opus T. Penguin said...

All of us pervs appreciate the naked legs.


P.S. You now have a new follower.