Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Birthday Wishes & Secret Dreams

It's my birthday in only two weeks, how awesome is that. I am getting closer and closer to 30, as my husband (who is 5 years younger than I am) keeps lovingly reminding me about. I don't mind it so much now though, since I am married. All I need to do is have a kid before the big 30 and then I will fit into society's norms... sort of. 
A few years ago I started a birthday tradition. To begin with it was just me and a few of my close friends but has since grown. Last year I invited everyone on my Facebook friends list to "attend" my Birthday. This year, I would like to add anyone and everyone who reads my blog to the list. 

So stay tuned. Details to follow.

I usually just ask for the same gift every year, and as previously mentioned, I will tell you more about that later. But this year I want to add this beautiful device to the list: Bamboo. Or something like it.


Because I love to draw, and I could possibly make something worth something with a tablet like that. 
Just look at all these beautiful illustrations. Not saying the artists used a graphic tablet & pen, but I could sure use one.

I found this awesome website with a collection of illustration artists, these are some of my favorites:

Alexandra Ball
Hannah Davies
Jessine Hein
Karin Lindermann
Henry Ye
Max Gregor

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