Friday, January 11, 2013

Etsy Update

So I have finally had some time to take pictures and update my Etsy shop. There still aren't a whole lot of things on there, but I am excited about the progress. The envelope idea happened when I was going through the leftovers from the wedding and I realized I had bought way too many envelopes for invites and it would take me years to use them all myself. I also realized when I was moving in that I have hardly any sketch books or paper to draw on since I gave most of it away before moving to Wales last fall. Being an intelligent person I quickly realized envelopes are made out of paper, the same as sketch books and... well... paper. So why not draw on envelopes.
When I was little and didn't have any cash moneys to buy sketch books my mum would encourage me to find other things I could draw on; Old newspapers, old books, pieces of paper mum or dad had printed off and didn't end up using, even my desk, disk-man, the walls of my bedroom before getting painted. She did this even after I between the ages of 2 and 5 drew all over her furniture and walls. Yes, my mother is an amazing woman. I owe a lot of my creative freedom to her. 

A. is a series of 3 envelopes depicting young people and their diverse thoughts about snail mail. It started with my thoughts about how the hell I am going to be able to use all those envelopes in this lifetime. I rarely send snail mail, mostly because I can't afford it very much at the time. But then I thought to myself "snail mail is wonderful though. I love getting and sending real letters. Its lovely!

B. is a series of envelopes with pictures of little snail girls. I saw this photo of a snail halloween costume on Pinterest and thought to myself "what an awesome idea!" not only for snail mail decor but also as a costume. I now know what I want to be for halloween in 10 months. 

C. is the grandma series. It's all about sending your grandma a real letter. Sort of a guilt trip package actually. But it came from the heart. Perhaps its just a reminder to myself to let my grandparents know how much I love them.

The following two pen & watercolour paintings are also on my Etsy.

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Tree Peeps said...

Wow, these are beautiful. I like it on the Icelandic book pages, too!