Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dang it, forgot to post this one first...

After a lengthy conversation with my husband about whether or not to blog about us trying to have a baby we have come to the conclusion that its alright to blog about it. 
The conversation went something like this.

Husband is in the bathroom and I am in bed. From bed I yell:
Is it alright to blog about us trying to have a baby?
My husband: ..... Sure.

I love having deep meaningful conversations with my wonderful husband.

I have seen so many blogs written by women obsessed with becoming pregnant. I am not one of those women. I mean, I know exactly what 2ww, CM, DPO and more pregnancy related letters mean. I also imagine I have ALL the symptoms of pregnancy... every single month. But that does not mean I am obsessed. Well maybe a little bit. But I feel more excited than obsessed, and therein lies the difference. 

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Nancy said...

Ha! I do that all the time -- throw out a shout from the computer of "is it alright ft o blog about . . ."

BUT! Having followed you for a but, it was so fun to see you find happiness in marriage, and it will be so happy to see you snuggling your very own fresh from the bath lotion covered fuzzy headed baby! I'm excited for you!