Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Etsy Tuesday: TKRB

It's Etsy Tuesday again! This weeks Etsy shop I found through a team I am a member of. I was browsing comments from other team members about their July goals one sunny day when I came across this amazingly beautiful little shop. I just had to write it's owner and ask her to share her favorite items and a bit about herself. I will hand the post over to her:

Hello my name is Takaho, a designer and owner of tkrb earrigns. I am a half Japanese, half Turkish girl, grew up both in Japan and Turkey. Jewelry making is my one and only lasting hobby, and Etsy is the place I finally found to express myself to people around the world. Each piece of jewelry has a story and is made with lots of love. I try to create unique, delicate and beautiful designs that you can wear every day, thus I love using all kinds of natural materials like gem stones, crystals, fabrics and shells. I think they go with any clothing, any occasions, and never bother you but only add a little elegance in your style. I wish for many people to enjoy my little creations!
These are back drop earrings. The short parts (with Rose charm and Teardrop Cotton Pearl) come in front of you ears, and the longer chains which attaches to back of the earring go behind your ears! This one I imagined Rose Iced Tea, and rock clear quartz dangling at the bottom represents little ice cubes:) Back drop earrings are getting very popular and one my favorite too, it’s really cute!
I usually make small earrings but these are oversized gorgeous earrings made of thick gold chains and bead clusters at the bottom! The cluster parts, which I got the inspiration for from green grapes, are made with yellow green pearls and many different shapes and colors of crystals.
These drop chain earrings have a different designs from each other. On the right side, the upper part makes a small Hydrangea flower by using little pink gemstones, crystals and a gold leaf charm. The left side has a gold apple and a white cotton pearl.

Thank you so much Takaho! for more of Takaho's beautiful creations check out her shop here.

If you are interested in having your Etsy shop featured on Etsy Tuesday please comment here or send me a message through Etsy.

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