Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I want to be that woman..

I wanted to be that woman who had endless energy even when she is pregnant. The one from the 50's who wears a dress and heels all day with her belly sticking out, all cute and smiley with a tray of cookies in her hand, warm from the oven, and dinner ready on the stove when her husband comes home from work to a spotless home and nicely behaved kids. I want to be that woman who has the kids and the spotless home and the cute pregnancy belly and also has time and energy to make home made Christmas gifts and spend time on her countless hobbies... and her hobbies just happen to be really home-makey ones like sewing and knitting and cooking and that sort of stuff.

But I am not. Thank you reality!

However, as I stand in my kitchen, dishes only half done, laundry in piles in the livingroom, dry breadcrumbs crunching under my swollen pregnant feet and baby screaming along to some Christmas music in the background while I try to get dinner ready for when my husband comes home I realize how perfect my life is, and I am eternally grateful for my home and my family.

p.s. my livingroom smells like poopy diapers... so if you are a mom who is giving herself grief about the state of her life and home.... just remember someone out there has poopy diapers stinking up their living room. You will be just fine!

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