Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I attract crazies....

So yeah, I got to go home from work early because I am a wuss and cannot handle pain. I was actually really glad I got to go home, cuz this crazy lady who doesn't like me came to work and I felt like crap and wanted to cry and then I got to go home early so now I am just taking a break from my diet and eating chocolate frosting and chocolate covered raisins and still contemplating crying my eyes out, though I might need some help, a good movie or something.
I hate when people don't like me, because I like anyone I set my mind to liking and so I feel like poop when people don't like me and if at first they don't like me and they cant be bothered making an effort to like me it feels even worse. I wanted to punch the lady in the face....and then cry...or the other way around, I am not entirely sure.
So yeah, its becoming ever more clear that I attract crazies and drunks, which makes me worried because of something my good friend Robin told me once: "crazies attract crazies and then they all just hang out together."
So there you have it, I am most likely a crazy person.

This dude looks kinda crazy, wouldn't mind attracting him though....

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