Monday, June 23, 2008

people might get the wrong idea about me, like I'm a floosey or something.

This book I am reading talks about compliments and how people who receive compliments all the time are good looking and people who are not complimented a lot are ugly...well not ugly...just not gorgeous, and these people absolutely love compliments while the gorgeous looking people get used to being complimented and therefore compliments don't have the same affect on gorgeous people as normal people. Here's the thing, I do get lots of compliments (yes, I know, I am gorgeous) but I still love getting them..... makes me feel so talented and pretty..... sometimes I think my opinion of myself is just totally off. So what I am going to do now is name some things I think I am really good at. I am good at art, hugs, being around and taking care of kids, making friends (making friends and talking to strangers is not the same thing). Some things about myself I really love are my eyes, my hair, my smile, my teeth, and sometimes I even love my lovely body.

One thing I can't stand is my hight, for some reason I feel like short and round is better than tall and round...... I am a gorgeous and talented Icelandic troll.

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