Monday, July 14, 2008

Floods and French men

Unnur, Binni, Matti, Maliana, Rebekka, Kiddý and Julie went camping for the weekend. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in Iceland lately so we decided it was about time to go camping. We had planned on going to Snæfellsnes which is northwest from where we live, but when we checked the weather forecast it said it was supposed to rain the whole weekend, we decided since it was less likely to rain in the south than in the north we would change our plans and head to the south part for a weekend of hopefully dry fun. Friday night we started driving aimlessly and ended up in Vík in Mýrdal (mýr-valley). We didn't want to camp at some sort of camping place and have to pay money for sleeping in a crowded tourist zoo. So we drove on a bit further and found a perfect spot for free. it was right by a little stream and just about 3 minutes away there was a gorgeous waterfall, a shower, as the guys liked to call it (and yes, they took a shower in it in the morning. We were putting up our tents at 11pm or midnight and then lit a fire and Matti cooked up some meat for Binni and himself.
In the morning it was already drizzling and then by the time we got in the car and started driving towards Jökulsárlón it was full on raining. We left the tents and our sleeping bags and some of the food though, praying no one would find our little camping spot and take our stuff. About 3 hours later we were at Jökulsárlón and it had stopped raining so we could walk around and take a video and some pictures. It was good fun. The video is now on youtube and is posted to the side of this blog. It probably wouldn't have been worth mentioning if a French tourist hadn't walked right into our short film making and let us interview him.
When we got back to our tents it was still raining pretty hard..and our tents were wet through so we packed our stuff and headed for Hveragerði where Kiddý and Rebekka live and Julie is staying. Kiddý has a hot tub in her backyard and her parents are the nicest people on earth! they cooked our food and filled up the hot pot for us and we just sat there and enjoyed being semi dry and inside. Matti, Binni, Maliana and I didn't get home until 3am or something, but it was totally worth it. that day we drove for about 10 hours and were partially wet the most of the time. But we had a good laugh and got to sleep in our own beds!

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