Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sexist peaches and stupid hags!

So this crazy old fruitcake comes in to where I work, she was looking for frames, or glasses. Anyways, she keeps asking me the same questions over and over and then when I am trying to help her find what she is looking for she goes and says: "is there anyone I can talk to who can help me find what I need, I don't want to look like an owl for the next couple of years" and her tone tells me she is not happy that I have not found her a frame she likes already, and its only been like a minute and a half. so I kind of half smile and probably looked like I was both offended and amused by her comment and said "Well, I should be able to do that" and then realize that she probably has a little secret crush on my dad who is working with me today and helping some other people out. So I help her find a frame that looks great on her ugly ass face! and she just keeps asking me the same questions, probably hoping that my dad will be free to assist her soon so she can put her moves on him. I am discusted and I feel like I could puke!

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