Saturday, July 26, 2008

There and back again. A tale of terror and heroics.

I went to FIN in Sweden and survived, I am now safely at home in my room...and the strange thing is I want more! It wasn't until the last night that I realized the magic of dancing with total strangers and being a superb wing man/woman. I don't think I have ever had this much fun at a YSA convention before. But I will be sure to find more conventions than just FIN to attend until next year, so as not to forget the lessons I have learned in the past week.
The thing is it was just perfect, a perfect balance of spending time with my Icelandic friends, my good old friends from countless other countries and new friends I just made during FIN. I feel like I didn't miss out on anything, I was as involved as I could be, or should I say, as involved as I wanted to be, as I set out to be in the beginning.

Binni I love you and I miss you. Nenniru aĆ° koma aftur heim og vera besti vinur minn aftur?
Matti, you are my hero! what a class A person you are!! I love you!
The rest of the Icelandic group, I am so blessed to have you as my friends!
My old FIN friends, every year I look forward to seeing you again, and dancing with you (especially Mr. Rene N, you are a star on the dance floor!)
My new FIN friends, you are the best! stay cool. I hope to see you all next year!! but in the meanwhile please don't be strangers!!

FIN makes the world go round! lots of love and laughs along with some drama just to spice things up.


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