Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My best friend is also my bike.

modes of transportation. I have three. one of which is a favorite at the moment. The other two are, firstly, my parents truck, and secondly, my own two feet.

My favorite transportation device is my moms bike. (yes, I only own my own two feet, my parents own the rest of the transportation devices I use, but they don't use them much, therefore I have sort of taken over them, so just drop it).

At lunch today I decided to ride my bike (my mums bike) to the bakery to get some bread and then to the store to get some fruit, a salad, and some stroop wafels, so good on a hot day. The bike has a nice litle basket on the front which makes it ideal for going shopping on it.

During my bike ride I realized a few things:

I love bikes, and summer

Icelandic summer is perfect

I can't steer a bike with only my left hand

Aslo, I hit a bump in the road with my bike and my iPod flew out of the basket and then I drove the bike right over it....its still alive though. Its all good.

Lately my life has been so good I keep having these moments where I think to myself "Unnur, you are probably going to get hit by a car in just a few seconds" because life can't possibly be this good without there being a disaster waiting around the corner. No disaster yet though.

....I just have to add this one thing this just happened a second ago...I turned down a song on the radio I don't like and my dad goes "is it a homo song?"(as in gay) and I go "no!" and he goes "I think so".......what?!?! dad people, please give him a big hand!


MiriamR said...

ha ha ha that sounds like my dad! I love Iceland in the summer too. I will be sure to go back and visit in the summer

unnurwear said...

yay! I can't wait!! and guess what, I want to come visit you in Guam too!