Saturday, August 23, 2008

My boyfriend is gay.

I had a dream.
It wasn't like a Martin Luther King kind of dream or anything. Far from it in fact. It was a pretty normal dream, just normal everyday things happened, expect that I had a boyfriend, which isn't normal or everyday to me, but it happened in my dream and it was pretty much just us hanging with friends and family, that sort of thing. The strange thing about this dream was that my boyfriend really loved me, and I was a girl, but he was gay. Makes no sense at all, I know, but thats how it was. You know how sometimes your dreams make perfect sense when you are asleep but then when you wake up you go "what the stinking freak was that!" or at least thats what I always say...
Also, I must say, my hair is gorgeous! if I weren't me and didn't have my hair I would be jealous of me with my perfect hair. It is going a little gray though, but hey, no ones knows that! and as long as it stays a private secret everyone can keep being jealous of me and my hair, in their perfect ignorance of the truth about my aging and its effect on my appearance.

The End

p.s. Muse is awesome!
(and I knew that even before I read the Twilight series and Stephanie Meyers thank yous at the end of Breaking Dawn)

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MiriamR said...

its true, your hair is perfect always. I was always very jealous of your hair and you face!