Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eating twinkies vs. doing drugs

I was in the states for about two years, and during that time I gained a ton a weight, it was fun, lemme tell ya. All that food I had never tried before. I felt like Charlie and the chocolate factory, just going wild at Smiths.
This one day, after watching UHF where weird Al eats a twinkie-dog (a hot dog in a twinkie) I really wanted to try a twinkie, not that the twinkie-dog was particularly appealing, but the twinkie just looked so sugary and scrumptious. So while grocery shopping with my roommates I decided to look up the twinkies and get a box. They weren't hard to find, but then, as I stood there with the box of twinkies in my hand ready to place them in my shopping cart this lady comes up and says "don't buy them" and I am like "what?!?" and she goes "twinkies are worse than drugs! you get so addicted and then they kill you" and so I put the box back and never ever bought twinkies. To this day I do not know what twinkies taste like, and I don't really want to know... I wish someone had said that to me about all the candies and sugary foods I felt the need to try while I was there.

Also, there is nothing quite so attractive as a man who plays good music.


Maliana said...

you should have said "shove it lady i'll do what i want!!" well maybe not ... twinkies are disgusting and not that habit forming i have to say, ho-hos and ding-dongs are where it's at! actually they're all disgusting and will give you a heart attack the end.

MiriamR said...

They clog your arteries! Daniel loves them but I have only ever had one in my life (Just to try) and it doesn't taste very good. The white stuff is kind of like mushy extra sugar marshmellow ans the outside it like angel foodcake except with a hundred times more sugar which is gross. Sugar is yummy twinkies are not.

Darron said...

I can do without the twinkies too. The ding dongs are much better, that is true.

Darron said...

I laughed so hard today when I saw your snjokarl video that my secretary thought I might need to step out of the office to compose myself. You guys are hilarious. "Er hann orruglega daudur?" HA!