Thursday, September 11, 2008

going somewhere?...I dunno, I can't remember!

I am going to Denmark for the weekend, and I keep forgetting! with all the moving and the business I just keep making plans for stuff to do in Iclenad this weekend and then last night, while packing my suitcase, I was like "wow, so many things I need to cancel!" so I sent out emails and stuff to let people know I will not be able to make it since I wont be in the country...Sad thing is I forgot to make plans for stuff to do while I am in Denmark...but then again I have an awesome brother and awesome friends who just make plans for me. Surely I will have tonz of fun!


Hera said...

Unnur you are lovely. You always make me smile. Love you heaps.

unnurwear said...

haha takk Hera! sömuleiðis! :)