Monday, September 15, 2008

Denmark is perfection

Denmark trip ended up being a huge hit! in a good way, it was awesome and fun.
Brother Binni and I flew in on Thursday night and spent the first night at Kristines parents house where we met her younger sister and brother and her parents. Dorte (Kristines mum) made us the most delicious dinner and desert after which we watched a movie and ate candy, it felt like I was home!
Friday the three of us went to Tivoli (three= Unnur, Binni and Krisine). We hung out for a bit, went on some rides and stuff, then I went to the bodies museum ( by myself... I am a very mentally unstable person, who fancies what others might consider gross and unnatural. Its the human body for heavens sake! anyways, it was highly educational and I found it very interesting and memorable. Of course there were a few reasons I went alone; I had no one else to go with, I knew I would regret not going and I figured Kristine and Binni could use some alone time.
After that I met up with Binni and Kristine and then Eric and Emily came as well, thats when I started feeling awkward. Being the third wheel is absolutely fine, there are many vehicles that have three weels, but have you ever heard of anything with five! cuz its not natural! so I felt pretty out of place hanging with two couples so I was pretty excited to hear Paul was joining us, and hoped that would make it less awkward. When he finally showed up and I was glad to be rid of the awkwardness Kristine turns towards us and sais "you guys have to hold hands too!" to the power of 10! freakin... could this day get any more interesting? ...we just kinda laughed it off and went for a warm sit-in at McDonalds (a sit-in is when a group of people are freezing their buns off and decide to go to a café or fast food place and order a minimum amount of edible stuff to be able to sit inside for a bit to avoid the cold). After the sit-in we went back to Tivoli to a gig. Alphabeat was/were playing and the place was pretty packed. So worth it to go though! singer dude was high, singer chick had an amazing voice and musician dudes were brilliant. all in all a good show.
I fell asleep to Enchanted that night, at Kristines place, and woke up the next morning ready to play some frizbee golf....folf if you will. It was a YSA sports activity, so much fun! and the weather was really nice which helped cuz I didn't exactly bring fall clothes with me, not according to Icelanic standards anyways. After folf we went to Kristines work and had mexican food, so good, and Paul met up with us there.
For the rest of the day Paul and I kinda just hung out and Kristine and Binni got some more alone time, awww cute. Anyways, we went to town to get me a CD and ran into the lead singer druggy from Alphabeat, that was pretty cool! also, we went to what is now one of my favorite places to be at, the Planeterium (fav places: 1.The temple 2. my house, parents house and sisters house 3. the library 4. the planeterium). we saw a 3D movie and then an IMax movie along with some other smaller 3D movies. The rest of the night went like so: food, Seven11 for ben and jerry's icecream, Pauls for a movie, Kristines for sleep.
Sunday we went to churh and then food at Kristines along with Paul and Kristina, hang out and talk and eat candy, take a nap, pack and go to the airport, fly home.

things I learned from this trip

-Some guys are girls
-some musicians do drugs
-some guys are really funny
-some girls are awesome!
-some movies are not as boring as you remembered
-some places feel like home even if they aren't your home
-some palaces are small
-sometimes when things get awkward a bear called bob or a turtle called steve might show up, also, sign language is cool!


Hera said...

You have a marvellour sense of humour. Being diffeerent from others is good. Otherwise we would all be plastic Barbies. I knew someone named Barbie, she was not plastic hehe. Sometimes she was called Barbie doll though. She did not look like one though.

Hera said...

sorry my keyboard is weird I mean marvellous. I don't like misspelled words hehe. Maybe it's OCD.

Darron said... tell me a little about "Binni & Kristine". I didn't know he was dating anyone.

unnurwear said...

Binni hitti kristine á festinord í Svíþjóð í sumar og þau voru bara vinir á festinord en svo fór hann strax eftir festinord að heimsækja hana í kaupmannahöfn og þau byrjuðu saman. þá hafði bara matti hitt hana, en svo kom hún til Íslands í tvær vikur fljótlega eftir festinord og öll fjölskyldan elskar hana! við binni fórum svo að heimsækja hana og hún er orðin ein af mínum uppáhalds manneskjum! hún er æði, rosalega trúmikil og góð ung kona! fór á trúboð til Ameríku, hjá salt lake musterinu. bara frábær stelpa!

Dan said...

did you ever get to see body worlds it is pretty amazing

unnurwear said...

yep it was so cool! just weird to be there by myself, sort of .... made me wonder how sane I am. So I checked and it turns out I am about as sane as any other person, pretty normal sanity level.