Monday, October 27, 2008

The Breakdown

So, its been a funny bunch of hours these last 24 ones. Yesterday after Church we got home and our fridge was being funny, it was loud and not cold at all...all of a sudden it just died, the sound died, the cold died and some of our food died... After that happened someone noticed that our dish washer was leaking, which was weird since we have never even used it. so I opened it and turns out it was pretty full of rotten water which spilled over and now our rug needs to be washed because it was right there ready to catch the rotten water spilling onto our kitchen floor rug. This morning Kiddý and I were going to go find a new fridge only to find out that her car is broken down...we borrowed a thinger to try to charge her car or whatever, and that thing turned out to be broken as we borrowed mum and dads truck and went in search for a new fridge, which we didnt find. When we got back we were gonna have hot dogs and found that the hot dog bread we just got the other day was rotten, so we ate hot dogs with regular bread..not too bad. After lunch I did the dishes and then realized the water wasnt going anywhere, the sink was backed up and the pipes were leaking so I put a bowl under there and got a thinger to fix the sink real fast...that was the least of our problems but still, pretty funny. Its been an interesting break down kind of day. kiddý and I couldnt help but laugh though by the time the sink broke. It felt really good, to laugh when things go at last general conference, one of the speakers gave a talk about laughing when things dont go the way we want them works.


MiriamR said...

wow what a day. We had a weekend like that last week. 3 tow trucks and such. Good luck. I hope it was only for one day.

Darron said...

I laugh a lot these days.