Friday, December 5, 2008


Title=quote from Heroes (yes...yes I believe I am all sorts of nerdy)
Yesterday, what a day it was! I woke up after a good nights rest and went to work, where I was able to do my job well, take care of things concerning my calling and talk to one of my best friends, Rakel, on the phone.
In the afternoon my dad came to work and we took a walk to the bank and just talked, it was nice, having some dad time. After that my sister Sóley and two of her kids, Danni and Yrja came over along with mum and we cleaned the garage while trying to call a radio station giving out free tickets to Twilight, this was for Danni and Sóley since Maliana and I had already bought our ticket for 10:10pm last night.
After work I made cake with the help of my beautiful sister, went to singing practice for an hour and then had FHE with the YSA ath church, it was fun, so relaxed and an ace lesson. Refreshments were also superb! Gunnar brought a game I wanted to learn but everyone with a key had to leave early so I will have to learn it next week.
Maliana and I went to Kringlan Mall wearing our Team Edward and Team Jacob T-shirts (team Edward = Unnur, team Jacob = Maliana) to see the Twilight movie, but we were like an hour early just to be sure we would get good seats, and we kinda thought the mall would still be open since it is December, but no, all the stores were closed and there was no line for the movie, I guess I am one of only a few twerds in Iceland (twerd=twilight nerd) so we went to the pub in kringlan which is well nice, had some nachos and then went to see the movie.
It was a weird feeling, watching the movie, finally! I was totally and utterly happy and relaxed but yet excited. A very grown up comfortable feeling of excitement. I am a grown weird is that!
Anyways, during intermission I met Hera in the hall, I haven't seen her in forever, and her fiance was there with her, he is very nice too. We just talked and were almost late for the beginning of the second half of the movie. Which continued to meet my expectations.
And then there was Bella's Lullaby, which I am pretty much in love with! it's so beautiful.
After the movie Malian and I sat in the kitchen for a bit discussing the movie and nicknames and such, it was great fun, but because of that I got to bed really really late and then this morning found out I forgot to set my alarm, which was potentially very non-good, since I was supposed to open the store, but thankfully I had to pee at 9:18 so I woke up in time to get ready for work and opened like 3 minutes early even. Good times! and today has been really good as well! I hope I have good times for eternity. is just good. just perfect.


meleofa said...

I'm so glad you like the movie! I loved it too! sounds like you guys had fun. :)

Adam P said...

You have intermission during movies there?

Unifer said...

yup, very much, sometimes, not true, but yeah we do have intermission and I never knew anything else existed until I went to BYU and experienced the dollar movies.

Hera said...

Who is Hera ? hehehehe

Unifer said...

Hera er vinkona mín, hún var kærastan hans Gulla þeirra Gullu og Steina. Voða sæt stelpa!