Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Please read following newsletter carefully.

A couple of things I feel the need to talk about, and just so you know, this is another angry post, so all of you peacable people please heed my warning and avoid reading this blog entry, since it will not bring you any feelings of joy, kindness or peace.

1. my blog url has been changed. it was is supposedly a "skráð vörumerki" which basically means it was paid for and any use of it by other people is illegal!

2. Little kids should know why we have Christmas, its not because of Santa, or lights, or presents. Parents, don't be so busy that you forget to teach your children about Jesus Christ.

(wow, what a hypocrite I am, talking about punching peoples faces in and then the next subject is teach your children about Jesus Christ).

3. I can't even really remember... lets just have number 3 be about how I have no Idea what I should do about my education. Maliana told me to have Miriam plan my future for me, that way something will happen, instead of me just sitting here feeling hopelessly lost and seeing no real options when it comes to school and education. I want to be an art therapist, but I don't want to have to go through Háskóli Íslands when I have already finished like half of my degree at BYU.

I am 110% sure I was supposed to come back home to Iceland when I did, and I dont regret it, but I need to know where to go from here. I might just do the independent study thing regardless of how much it costs. Man! its gonna be expensive! maybe I should have peopel donate money to my education fund, to help a poor icelander gain an education! thats a worthy cause!

4. I love my job, I am not really upset about the blog url anymore, just the fact that I now have to contact all my friends and tell them about the change.

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MiriamR said...

im glad you blogged about the blog change I was wondering why you weren;t blogging at ALLLL and then it was just crazy people stealing your blog, thye are so orignial