Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dreams come true...

I was looking at photos on facebook and wondering about the future, like I sometimes do. I was thinking about how some families eat whatever they want whenever they want, and don't do much outdoorsy stuff, and thats totally fine! as long as it makes you happy :)
But I don't want that... I want to have energy! I want my own family to be the kind that goes on hikes for fun, where each family member has an awesome 105 gear (however you spell that) bike and we go for awesome bike rides all down the coast and accros the country. I want to go camping and run marathons. I want to keep waking up at 6am to do Yoga and before I kneel to pray at night I want to do a few pushups and some situps. I love making and eating deserts! and I want that too, just not so much that I ruin my health and the health of the people around me!

Things I already do to build towards this future.

-wake up at 6am twice a week and do Yoga
-go for long walks and take pictures at least once a week
-ride my bike to the store when the weather permits it (otherwise I try to walk)
-do some situps before bedtime
-have a good attitude
-eat real food which is healthy

Things I can to better

-only eat candy on Saturdays
-eat fewer cookies when I have them
-go to bed earlier so that I can wake up and exersise the other 4 mornings of the week (when I dont have yoga or the Sabbath)
-appreciate the health and energy I do have more

wow, thats more good than bad! way to go Unnur!

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