Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mr.Iceland, where is all the money?

Today Parliment was "opened" again after Christmas break, and just listening to the news on the radio it sounds like everything is going crazy downtown! my fellow icelanders are protesting in front of Althingi house where they are currently having a meating.

Today in the paper there is an article about icesave which lost a lot of fine English people (and fine people from other countries) their money. The article talks about how people were advised to put their money into an icesave account, people put huge amounts into this, but where is they money? did someone just walk away with it?

Personally I feel like icelanders are spoiled little brats! My friend went to a meating for the people to come up with ideas of how we as the people of this country can help in this situation. She suggested that stores be closed on Sundays. As she suggested this many of the people at the meeting went crazy! they want to be able to buy stuff whenever, wherever, with their worthless credit cards and then expect us to just sail trhough this recession as if nothing ever happened! Iceland as a country owes more than it can handle. Most Icelanders as individuals also owe more than they can handle, in consumer debt. Its insane how they think they can just keep living as if they have all the money in the world! We got ourselves into this situation by being irrisponsible and impulsive. To get back out of this with some sort of dignity things need to change! people need to humble themselves and change the way they do things. Stop using credit cards, stop buying expensive things you dont need simply because your neighbour has them! I will bet you a penny your neighbour is in over his head in dept too! so stop it! Grow up! take responsibility and get yourself out of what you got yourself into!! Sure, of course it is going to hurt, but the deeper you dig, the harder it will be to get out! Ignore the problem, and it will just get bigger.

thats all, the end.


MiriamR said...

You should submit this to the letter to the editor for morgunbladid, unless they don't have that section. I liked you penny betting!! that made me laugh sorry just because you are being responsible and only betting a penny

Kimberly Gochnour said...

I'm sorry times are not good in Iceland- I don't think they are very good here either! Good luck to us all in this great big old world and Amen to consumer debt!

Hera said...

So true, so true. People want everything but do not want to take resonsibility for their actions.