Friday, January 16, 2009


I know I promised a post on Bolliaden and its been like two weeks now... so here goes.... Bolliaden was really good, there was the usual Monday fun times meeting up with old friends, Tuesday meltdown because of one dramatic event or another (the night ended really well though, with multiple weddings, so its all good, thanks to my good husband Joakim, my brother Binni and his lovely fiance Kristine), Wednsday ended up being the best night of that day! and finally Thursday was pure chillaxedness. So there you have it... it was the best YSA convention I have ever attended, mostly because of how relaxed it was and how few people were there... I mean, there were still lots of people..but it was a comfortable amount of people!
So now moving on to someting more interesting and more recent.
I analyze too much!
the end

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