Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I am not at work today because I managed to get myself sick...... again. And so I am just doing the whole sick deal, sitting in my bed with my glass of water and vitamins, some tissue paper, a crap load of magazines, my mac, scriptures and preach my gospel and 2009 planner along with some stuff for my calling. I am looking for dance music at the moment, something for this years YSA dance iTunes playlist which sorely need to be updated.
So why do I feel retarded? because I am sitting here in my bed, in my PJ's, with my hair in a bun, all naturally beautiful with no makeup on and my old glasses on my nose (for some reason this flu is making my eyes have problems focusing) listening to halo and dota by Basshunter...pretty freaking retarded!!
hope you have a cute day!

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Kimberly Gochnour said...

you really are naturally beautiful you know that!!