Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am too what?!?!

I had the weirdest dream last night. It was this coming summer, we were at a hotel owned by the church and it was absolutely beautiful! We were there because of Binni and Kristines wedding. It was sunny outside and beautiful. Sóley and the kids were checking out their room which was awesome! the girls room was all yellow and pink with barbie stuff all over the place and all I remember about Dannis room was that it was cool. Sóley stayed in the girls room, Kristján wasnt there because he had to go to Spain (he is actually going to spain right now, in real life, so I guess I got it all confused in my dream world, but it made sense to me) But anyways, he wasnt there. So when they had checked out their awesome room the movie making bunch came (this also made perfect sense to me in my dream) so they were making a movie in and around the hotel and I was the lead.
I was an Amish girl.
Once again I was put into an ugly frock (for more info see last dream I blogged about) and I had pigtails and a ridiculous hat!
Anyways, we were shooting the opening sequence and I was supposed to stand by the sink in the kitchen, facing the sink and then do a 180 and turn towards the camera. I did just that and then they were like: "ooo no, that wont work, CUT CUT CUT, you are way to sexy!"

....what?!?! I don't even think I am sexy when I wear my normal clothes, or when I dress up all nice... but there I was, in dreamland, wearing amish clothes with pigtail braid and a huge hat and I was too sexy... go dream world!


MiriamR said...

ha ha thats funny. I love your blog. Hey you should tell you mom to write a blog too. Unless she is uber busy. Anyways see ya. I am hoping to see kiddy when she comes out to Utah in June. I am hopefully going there for a baby being born. How is BYU going?

meleofa said...

I love it! What a funny dream. I too love your blog. You are like sunshine. :)

Kimberly Gochnour said...

You would be too sexy even in an Amish frock!