Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Thought Process, A groundbreaking discovery!

I have had the most unusual discovery... if you have heard of "the secret" it is sort of related to that, but sort of not. It involves wavelengths and frequency, but also reading thoughts or communicating thoughts through the same wavelength. It started with Maliana and I hanging out too much! so we started sometimes saying the same things at the same time (recently the same has happened more often with my sister and with my brother Binni).
We explained this phenominon like this...

A persons mind is subconsiously on a certain wavelength or frequency, this we have no control over to my present knowledge. According to some studies men are able to keep their minds blank, while women are not, but usually all people are thinking of something. As a person has a certain thought, they may be on the same wavelength as someone else in their vicinity, so the thought is transfered from one person to another. They both end up voicing their thoughts at the same moment. Now, another theory is that the thought is not made up in anyones mind, it is its own thing floating around with its own frequency and once it finds its own frequencies equal, or complimentary frequency, it jumps on that boat and find a mind to settle in. The thought can split between two or more minds on the same frequency (Its sort of like the mitotic phase of thought), making two or more people think the exact same thing, and sometimes voice their thoughts at the same moment.

How often have we not said something and someone else in our group of conversers replies with "I was just thinking that!"

But the sharing of thoughts can end as quickly as it began, remember that the brain is very complex, it can shift frequancies rapidly and end up on a totally different wavelength than its former "sister" brain within a split second.

To end with, I would like to share with you my personal experience and part of my personal testing and research on the matter.

The names and topic of discussion in the folliwing conversation has been changed to protect the research subjects privacy.

Unngerdur: you know what, I really am craving something...
Maliflama: yeah me too..
Unngerdur/Maliflama: I really want some ICECREAM!
Both people laugh.
Unngerdur: HEY! were you just thinking of HAMBURGERS!
Maliflama: .... no...


MiriamR said...

your funny hah ha h ah

MoBo said...

You mean "the secret", that dumb looking book thats full of itself? or are you talking about something else????? the one with the red seal thing that says secret hahaha q: