Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My sleeping life

Ok, just so you all can stop wondering, my last post was totally not for serious! It was one of those crazy ideas that make no sense and I felt the need to write it down. Now, I know I may not have convinced everyone that I am not really crazy.. but quite frankly my dear, I don't give a crap!

on the next topic...

My dreams are insane! I think if may be due to lack of sleep... or something. I have been really tired lately anyways, probably because I have been going to bet late because I have been so busy that when I finally have time for myself it is already midnight.
Ohh well.

Last nights dream

(Before I start I would like to apologize to all dwarves for the following dream!)
I had a dream that I was totally in love, and the guy I was in love with was in love with me too. But he was a dwarf, and I was like.... whatever!! I love him, you can't stop love!
But mom and everyone kept telling us it would never work out, we were just too different.
And so I went around crying and feeling so bad because I loved the guy so much. He was pretty upset too. So anyways, here comes the weird part... my dwarf boyfriend pooped in his diaper and I had to change it... so inappropriate and wrong! so while I was changing his diaper I realized....yeah, no, this is not going to work out!
So I left him and was all like still crying, and then I saw my friend (a full size, actually rather large male whose name I will not name here) and he was like... let me give you a hug, you'll feel better!
and so he was just hugging me and then I realized how nice it was to be held by a full size man, and so I got over the dwarf and fell in love with the guy giving me a hug.
The End.... I am a loser!

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