Monday, May 4, 2009

These things I need...

These things I need....

-sleep, no more staying up til 3am every night!
-to stop having my feelings effect my stomac, no more feeling sick to my stomac and feeling no need to eat. I need to eat and feel good!
-my family, I really need them, they are such a wonderful support to me!
-more hugs and such, seriously, no more being physically distant
-laughter, everyday, at least three times a day! preferably so much that I roll around on the floor at least every other day. I love to laugh, and if I am going to have wrinkles I want them to be laugh lines
-love, I need to feel loved, and wanted, and flirted with every once in a while, its nice, I like it
-less time wasted on the internet
-more time wasted on a handsome guy
-and more and more and more and more and more......., I am not needy at all....

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