Friday, August 21, 2009

Culture night

Menninganótt is coming up, its the Reykjavík Culture night, or day.... a full day and evening of culturally magnificent events all over down town Reykjavík. It is my favorite day of the year along with New Years eve. I hope this one will be especially good... I always hope :)
There are too many things going on this year to even bother writing down stuff or planing, so I plan on just going with the flow, feeling good and maybe ending the day with a goodnight kiss and fireworks. Don't know who is receiving the goodnight kiss... maybe I will, maybe someone else... I really hope I will... I always hope :)
The food part is pretty much decided on though.. theres fish and chips for dinner, and for a midnight snack while waiting for the firework show there will be kleinur and hot chocolate.... I really hope it will be wonderful... I always hope :)
Its about time for love... I hope... I really hope.... I always hope:)

With the sunshine outside and cool breeze coming in through the window, with the weepies "painting by chagall" in my ears, and ballade pour adeline ready to play on youtube, I feel perfect, love will happen, I am sure of it :D

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