Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everyday things and a few good deals!

I had the most wonderful day yesterday!! cuz I was dead tired and hadnt slept much the two previous nights I thought I would die and be super annoyed at work and stuff... but I was fine! I started falling asleep at work if I sat down with nothing much to do, so I just made sure to keep busy, and when I was assisting people I found that surprisingly I was super calm, because I was so tired I just smiled and talked slowly and was calm... it came across as me being awesome to the customer, I am sure! and if you would like to come over to examine my huge head and overblown ego you are welcome to! its quite the specimen!

so the day was productive and good, and once I got off of work I didn't feel as tired as I had expected... so I went to the movies with the youth of the church and their leaders and a couple of other gate crashers as well... it was fun, and at least I was able to help by saving seats and organizing how many seats needed to be reserved and where and what.... cuz more and more people announced that they would be joining us last minute! it was fun although I almost fell asleep a couple of times... but the seats were not too comfortable so it kept me awake... also other things kept me awake... but its a secret so don't tell anyone! :) (hahaha on you, you have no idea what I am talking about!!!)

Anyways, life is good, I got 8 hours of sleep last night and am still super tired... and today is my last day of work before I go back to school, so celebrations tonight! fun fun fun! I am super excited to go to school and learn things! not even being sarcastic! serious!!!