Monday, August 31, 2009

First day back

I woke up way to early this morning and ended up almost falling a asleep after only 10 minutes of the first class of the first day of school... way to go Unnur. But the teacher was pretty cool so yeah... I managed to stay awake just barely... the next class was better. I went over to Sylvías to hang out during my break and then went to the other class. The professor was so funny! this older man, sort of serious sounding but totally hilarious!!

we were only in that class for 35 minutes and then he let us go.... but in those 35 minutes he said a few funny things I felt inspired to write down in my book.

"Icelanders are always best.... in the world.... even when they lose" he said this and most of his other quotes very seriously and meant them sarcasticly...

"thats freedom!... 20% freedom" on being able to choose between 5 topics to write a paper on.

and then at the very end when he really didnt have anything else to say and we had only been there a half hour he said
"Klæðaburður er svona... nokkuð bara frjáls... almennar siðareglur bara" HAHAHA
"your choice of clothing is.... kind of up to you...something something" I dont know how to translate the last part... if you can come up with a proper translation for "almennar siðareglur" I will clap my hands together for you! anyways... there are no schools in iceland where there is a school uniform or any sort of rules on regulations on your clothing or appearance... so it was funny... to me at least... and my fellow class mates!

then I went to buy books... they cost an arm and a leg!


Kimberly Gochnour said...

Are you back in school? Unnurs I need to talk your ear off!

Unifer said...

ohh what a coincidence or however you spell that! I am in need of having my ear talked off! shall we make an appointment to talk my dear Kimberly kimpossible?

Hera said...

general protocol segir google að almennar siðareglur séu. BYU segir code of conduct. Varst þú ekki í BYU? haha