Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My life is worth 5kr.

I love chick flicks! where the guy is a perfect gentleman, and shows his love in the most romantic ways imaginable, and even the guys who are not such perfect gentlemen seem to know what to do to get a girl weak in the knees! Because of these perfectly wonderful movies we women seem to be searching and hoping for a real life guy who does these things, and makes us feel like the movie guys make us feel. The problem is the majority of normal guys do not watch chick flicks, and as much as they want to make a girl weak in the knees they just don't know how, or in the rare case that they do know how, they seem to be too weak in the knees themselves to do what it takes!
I would like to be weak in the knees every once in a while; get a flower (wild/hot house, who cares, just a single flower that says "hey I saw this and thought of you"), have a poem written just for me, have someone throw snowballs at my window just to get my attention, have someone stumble over their words trying to ask me out, find hidden messages in my school books that say "hope you know you're awesome, now concentrate on your studying :)", have someone pee my name in the snow :D yeah, it would make me laugh out loud and feel special in a creepy way. It should all be part of everyday life, like waking up on a sunny day, hearing the rain on the roof, driving in a blizzard, eating cereal and singing while doing the dishes.
So if you know of any guys who wouldn't mind making me smile, laugh, blush, get weak knees, send him my way will you! this is me telling the universe I am ready! ready to have fun! ready have valentines day every day of the week all year.... ugh, I almost made myself puke!

Today I got butterflies in my stomach twice, made one new friend, laughed out loud, cooked some fish for two for lunch, and ate it by myself, I'm ready to not do that anymore.
Tomorrow I plan on getting butterflies in my stomach, making someone else laugh out loud, laughing with said someone, having some green smoothie, smiling for 89% of the time, doing homework and enjoying it!
wish me luck!

ohh and if you were wondering about the title of today's post here is the short story: I was crossing the street and cars going on both lanes when suddenly in the middle, between the lanes I saw 5kr coin and stopped to pick it up while exclaiming "OOOO free money" and then realized I was in the middle of the street. it was an adventure!

also, since this is the neverendingpost, you should listen to this guy! "take it slow" on replay, yes, I recommend it!


MiriamR said...

that 5 kronur story was hilarious! I am still laughing

Kimberly Gochnour said...

I'd say your life is worth at least 10 kronur, at least.