Monday, February 15, 2010

Ohh yeah, thats right... I am a dork!

Ok are you ready for a pretty dang embarrassing story?
So I have always loved making new friends, ever since I was a little girl! But I have always gone about doing it in the strangest manner.... When I was four years old and had just moved to a new town I was more bored than a panda, so my mom told me to go out in front of our house and make new friends in the neighborhood (my mother was a smart lady who instead of teaching me to not talk to strangers encouraged me to talk to everyone, but not go into strangers cars or follow strangers to some unknown or even known places) So anyways, I went out in front of my house to talk to strangers and these two girls walked up and I said "hi, do you wanna be my friends" just like that. Ended up getting to know one of my best friends growing up through her sister who was one of those two girls (complicated, I know). So yeah, they thought I was totally strange, I mean who stands on the street in front of their house and asks strangers to be their friends? ... I do!
Moving on, enter embarrassment.... I met this guy the other day, he is totally cool, and I knew he was in a band. So I added him on facebook, as people do these days. And on his facebook page I saw the name of his band and decided I wanted to hear their music, so I googled it. Turns out his band is pretty famous, cd and radio and all. So next time I saw him I says to him "I didn't know you were in a real band, like on the radio and stuff!" to which he replies something like this "ohh, how'd you find out?".........kricket.....kricket.... (I didn't prepare an answer to that question) so I just said "I googled you!"
hahah, how nerdy am I!
Anyways, I think he is still my friend :) although I may have weirded him out!


MiriamR said...

ha ha! I google everyone I thought that was normal. You should have said "I heard you on the radio" ha hah hah ah hahha

Unifer said...

haha, yeah, but that would have been a lie! :D hee hee! it will be funny though in a few years if he is still my friend. "hey you remember when I barely knew you and I told you I googled you? ahh those were the days!".... :D