Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did I hear someone say Aurora Borealis?

So last night we saw the most amazing Northern lights EVER! I was walking home from church and saw a tiny line of northern lights stretched across the sky, you could barely see it because of the street lights. But then when I got home my brother Binni and his wife were over and we were watching them through our window. Binni suggested we get our coats on and go outside, which we did, and I am so glad we did! cuz when we got outside we started talking about the coolest northern lights Binni and I had seen, and we were describing how sometimes the colors are more white and pink and purple than green. Just as we were talking about it the northern lights went crazy! got super green and started dancing all over the sky and then they got super bright, white, purple and pink.

This picture is not from last night and is not nearly as cool as standing outside and actually watching them dance in all different colors across the sky! It was like the second coming... or Voldemort!... either way, it was awesome!
I hope we have some northern lights again tonight!! if so ill grab my camera!

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Keitaijo said...

Wow, i'm jealous, i love Aurora Borealis, did you know that the Astrophysicists call it "the first wonder of nature?" I completely agree (and not just because i am a physicist)but i like your description of it, i wish i saw it.