Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My turn to be emarrassed... again!

A couple of smarty pants friends of mine guessed who Veronica and Hullabaloo from my last post were. Let me tell you.. I have plenty of friends I eat dinner with! and if you know who Veronica and Hullabaloo then you are crazy stalkers!! (I am talking about you Maliana!) also, I guess I didn't spell Veronica right... supposedly it's supposed to be Weronica... don't ask me, I didn't pick out the fake names!

Anyways, to make up to my friend Weronica that I put this story on the internet I will put my very own embarrassing story online as well... but I reserve the right to have a code name for myself... I will be Dumbo (like the elephant).

Dumbo was going to Denmark for Easter break with a group of awesome people and good friends. They took the bus from Garðabær to Keflavik... ugh... this is a stupid story.... I can't be bothered telling it in code!

So I was going to the airport and mum drove Dad and I to where the bus picked the group up. I thought the menfolk with all their muscles had taken my suitcase from the back of my parents pickup truck and into the back of the bus... on the bus we sang songs and had a blast at 4 or 5 am. Then when we got to the airport Gummi, our driver, started getting the suitcases out of the back and everyone picked up theirs and then there was just me standing there... and no bag....
I didn't even realize what was going on until Gummi asked me "Unnur aka. Dumbo! where is your suitcase?" and that is when I went into shock!
Dad called mum and she ran out and checked the truck and there it was, my suitcase with all my clothes and all my things and all my treasures... so mum had to drive at the speed of light(but not faster than the speed limit) to get the suitcase to me on time. We checked in and met the rest of the group in the terminal building... ohh what adventures! but for the rest of the trip people kept making sure I had my bag... it was quite refreshing.... NOT! so annoying!!
my family in Iceland even found out what happened and promptly made fun of me!



MiriamR said...

that would have been horrible! at least your mum brought your bag to you and it was all well. Sorry its a bit funny too :)

Unifer said...

yeah, It was funny in retrospect! but not at the moment, even though I smiled for the benefit of my co travelers fragile souls :)

MoBo said...

HAHAHAHAH this makes me laugh very much! as a fellow traveler (of a scatterbrain sort) I know exactly how you feel, but I never trust others to carry my bags, cuz I always think they will be too heavy for them hahahahah