Friday, April 9, 2010

Dwarfs and Monkeys!!

k, so I am not allowed to tell you who was involved in this situation I am about to share... other than myself of course! so I will give them code names.... Hullabaloo and Veronica (name is not an indicator about the gender of the character).
So I was eating dinner with Hullabaloo and Veronica, and we were discussing dwarfs, the theme park in China that's all about dwarfs and weather dwarfs prefer marrying dwarfs, and if tall people (I mean, abnormally tall, like myself for example) would rather marry tall people. We came to the conclusion that tall guys would rather marry short women and tall women would rather marry short men... or taller men... we reached no conclusion about dwarfs and marriage. But we did decide I should marry someone names Short Erman (if you don't get it, try acting stupid for about 5 minutes and then read the name again).
Anyways, at some point in our discussion Hullabaloo asked us what we wanted to watch after dinner, I promptly answered "something about dwarfs" and then Veronica bursts out with "OHH I KNOW! lets watch planet of the apes!"..... BAHAHAHAHAHAH we both looked at Veronica wondering what about dwarfs made her/him think of planet of the apes... for some reason it made sense to Veronica! we laughed for a long long time!

well lovely, I am done now.


Keitaijo said...

I can understand associating some monkeys to dwarfs given the fact that they might have the same height, but in planet of the apes, those ones are tall. I would like to understand how that connection happened...

Unifer said...

I don't know... I think that V wasn't even thinking about my previous comment when planet of the apes was suggested! We have been wanting to watch planet of the apes for a while... it was just funny how it sounded, but not meant in that way at all!