Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am thankful for LUNCH!!

At lunch time today I was super hungry! I went upstairs to where my brother and my nephew were working. Ususally there is some food there I can eat. But ALAS! today there was none! My newphew Danni gave me half of his hot dog with no bread but thankfully there was some ketchup and mustard. I must have thought the half a hot dog I was about to eat was bigger than it actually was because I squirted a whole lot of the ketchup and mustard on my plate. When I had finished the hot dog Danni (my nephew) pulled up a bag on Tom and Jerry crackers and cheerios... he said he didn't like the crackers so he gave them to me... I dipped them in the leftover ketchup and mustard (which sounded so good to me at the time... but now that I am neither hungry nor pregnant, it sounds gross!) He couldn't believe I just did that! so gross! we finished the crackers and went through the kitchen cabinets to see if we could find some food... we found cookie frosting... in little tubes... and Danni had some cheerios... so naturally we made tiny doughnuts! which then evolved into tiny doughnut towers. once we had finished the cheerios we found some dried/baked bread (called Bruður, its supposed to be toast...)... it was about 6 months old... but my brother Binni assured us it was fine! we also had some tuna... and the combo of those two things didn't taste too bad! but then Danni decided he wanted some frosting on top of his six month old dried/baked bread and tuna... I had to laugh at him... I mean... which is worse/weirder.... animal (tom and jerry) crackers with ketchup and mustard.. or old bruður bread with tuna and frosting?

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