Monday, June 21, 2010

My plans as mayor and a letter to the cat...

Dear Cat,

WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS SIR! didn't anyone tell you you can't just jump onto the table and sniff at other peoples food? your conduct makes me sick! your only redeeming quality is that you are so darn cute! and funny... and cudly...
Don't sniff at my food again!

Best regards
Lil' Miss Hungry

So I decided that since Jón Gnarr (a comedian) can be Mayor of Reykjavík... I most certainly can, and should, be mayor of Hafnarfjörður. Although I am not as popular or funny as Jón Gnarr, I am certain I have amazing and brilliant ideas for this town!
We have been having a few nice looking cruize boats at our harbour (ok, fine... ships) and the harbour could be so much more tourist friendly. I am also convinced that if it were more tourist friendly, people who live here would also enjoy it more.
The political party which was in control in 2007, when money grew on trees, decided to make the north bank of the harbour into little Soviet. They built a few apt. buildings all squished up together with the ocean in the backyard. The buildings are nice, but the area as a whole is lacking something magical and exciting!
As I was walking by there the other day I couldn't help but immagine a couple of things that would make the area so much more enjoyable.
Right in the middle of all the apt buildings there is a foundation for one more building, but due to lack of moneys they have not started on it yet... also, who would live there! Most of the other apartments are empty. So I say, take the money that would have gone into building this pile of crap and use it for making the general area more desirable. Begin by making another man made beach, yellow sand and all that jazz. Right next to the beach there is an area already being used for fishing. people just put up their fishing poles, and sit in the sun enjoying life! its wonderful! Where the foundation for the building is, I propose we put some fountains, and make an area where street artists can perform (dancers, musicians and such), people can set up booths and have a market.
The cherry on top of the icecream would be the pier. It would have a beautiful resturaunt and a paris weel. ohh how romantic!
I predict these changes would make the people in Hafnarfjörður the happiest people in the world!

Vote for Unnur!


Kimberly Gochnour said...

can I vote for you if I don't live in Hafnurdorfner? (not even close am I?) I would vote for you for presidente!

Unifer said...

HAHAH yeah you can vote for me for sure! and if I get elected I will change the name of the town to Hafnudorfner too! :D HUGS!

Poppy Clark said...

you smell like shit oh and my blog is better than yours